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Hey babes!

I have SO MUCH to say. Everything is different.

I had my first gallery show. I went through a breakup with a boy I gave eight years of my life to. If you read this, hey. There was a shooting at my school. I graduated college, found a job in my field, got a car and found a place to live. And then, I rescued Aurora.

She's the most perfect being I've ever loved.

I can't express the love I have for her. She's all I've wanted for years and she's everything now. As I'm writing this she's laying at my feet eating a stick on the porch.

I've been journaling too, mostly to cope with the chaos around me.

Everything has been about change and new beginnings lately! I'm trying to express gratitude every day because things are just, so good. It's wild and terrifying.

You should also know that I've been writing this for about two weeks :~)

I'm working on a redbuble shop to sell stickers so I can get back into that without having to do so much of the production/sales process myself. if you wanna check that out, here is the link!

Okay I'm gonna try to actually get this published so I'm out ~


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