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I've been wanting to get consistent with my blogging for a long time but lately I've been so inspired looking at other people's blogs and experiences and it's got me wondering about all the different things I could do with a blog if I kept up with it.

I know bloggers generally fall into categories and categorizing myself is something I struggle with because I do so many things. I don't feel like a whole version of anything. Just fragments all patched together into one messy human.

So I can't be sure of what this will be. I have a few series in my mind that I'd like to work on but following through has always been hard for me because I think of something new and I'm off onto that.

Sometimes I sit still and my mind races but when I turn to paper nothing shows up.

Sometimes I have a lot to say but can't find the energy to put it anywhere.

We'll see where it goes.


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